Guelph, ON

We are looking for 2 welders for our company in Millbank, Ontario.  You don’t need to be licensed.  You just need to be keen to learn and have great work ethics


Duties and Requirements

Responsible for fusing pieces of metal together to join metal parts, fill a hole, or fix seams in metal. Duties include finding the correct tools to properly ignite the torch and welding machine for the specific type of metal, positioning, lining up, and securing all metal pieces according to design specifications prior to welding, and joining these pieces together.  Some of the duties are to operate equipment (e.g. calipers, rulers, power saws) to put together metal parts or structures. Work on commercial projects for manufacturing. 


Daily duties include: 

  • Analyzing blueprints and designs 
  • Finding the right pieces of metal according to the design
  • Following all safety and health procedures to avoid accidents and hazards
  • Choosing the best equipment to weld specific metals
  • Identifying issues and hazards
  • Operating angle grinders and other tools
  • Operating a horizontal milling machine( willing to train)
  • Lining up specific metal components using calipers, rulers, and clamp pieces



  • Exceptional attention to detail with a strong focus on safety
  • The ability to read and understand technical documents, safety rules, blueprints, manuals, and documents referring to metallurgy
  • A deep knowledge of welding techniques 
  • Excellent flexibility to work under pressure 
  • Time management skills
  • Can be a combination of work experience and an apprenticeship. Candidates who complete compulsory training will often start off with entry level roles.  WE ARE WILLING TO TRAIN FOR THIS POSITION 
  • If you are a smart individual willing to put in the time to learn the company is willing to train you from the ground up.



  • This hourly rate will depend on a candidate’s education and experience. Welders who have Red Seal certification are typically paid more due to the amount of skill, training, and experience required to perform the work.


Why work for us

  • Top industry leading starting salary based on experience
  • Great work culture
  • Safe work environment


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